Mona is an exceptional Yoga Teacher and a profound healer, one of the best I've experienced world wide, She's highly trained and highly intuitive and Mona has helped me on many occasion to feel more happy, healthy and centered.
- Zoe Scott, Malibu, California

I am fortunate enough to have found Mona almost three years ago. Her gentle manner and intuitive ability has helped me reach new heights in my practice. Always encouraging and positive, she is one of the very best instructors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Being in Mona's class is an experience that is nurturing to body, mind and soul. She truly has a gift.
- Patti Heller, Malibu, California

In the 1980's, I began a career in the Preventative Health field as a researcher, author, speaker and instructor, mentored by Celebrity Health & Fitness Icons, Jack and Elaine LaLanne. Throughout my years in this field I have experienced many wonderful teachers. Mona, is at the top of that list. The breadth and depth of her abilities as an instructor appear to be limitless. Her classes are the perfect combination of physical, mental and emotional balance. She provides a daily dose of heightened consciousness, optimum health, well-being and joy. With Gratitude,
- Bayly Grant, Malibu, CA

I feel strong and energetic, beautiful inside and out, and I've never felt better in my mind, body and soul. I owe it to being there on the mat consistently and the good fortune of having Mona as a teacher. She has been the most influential teacher in my life and one of the finest human beings I have ever known.
- Kathleen Bieck, Malibu, California

Mona is a lovely human being who understands and sees the healing needs of anyone she comes into contact with - no words necessary. You can feel her gentle, healing, intuitive energy, no words necessary. She not only studies and knows her yoga inside and out, she lives it..
- Elisa Lipton, Ventura, California

"Mona is an amazing Yoga teacher. She explains the postures beautifully and helps the student to blossom. I love learning from her and highly recommend her as a teacher"
- Dr. Sylvia Chatroux, MD. Ashland, OR

Mona Therese!
Your yoga classes are just so wonderful, strengthening for the body, mind and soul. The energy is very high and focused at the same time. I am so grateful to be able to attend to your high level classes... What a profoundly great and beautiful teacher you are indeed!!
- Mette Kolding Copenhagen DK/Mount Shasta, CA

Yoga is one of the most consistent blessings in my life for the last 18 years. I go in and out of practice and am so grateful to have found a truly inspiring teacher in Shasta that has gotten me back ON!! Thank you, Mona Therese.
- Andrea Shanti, CA

In 30 years of yoga practice, I can easily say that Mona Therese Winston is one of the best yoga teachers I’ve ever had. Her heartfelt teaching is full of knowledge, depth and humor. I learn about subtle nuances of the poses in every class. Also, I find that watching Mona Therese demonstrate is inspiring and gives me clues as to how to incorporate more yoga into my body, heart and mind. Thank you, Mona Therese!
- Ana Holub, forgiveness Counselor and author, Mount Shasta, CA

As a trained classical dancer, I am familiar with depth of instruction in moment. Having studied with Mona Therese, I feel she is very sensitive to my asanas practice and very intuitive to the needs of all her students. Any studio would be lucky to have her as an instructor.
- Gloria Cooper, Yoga student, CA

Mona's patience and mental guidance in her Yoga classes have been the best support I could get. Her philosophy of working consistently with body and mind and not forcing things ahead is a unique approach for me - and it has worked perfectly. Today, I am an experienced Yoga practitioner - not just physically, but also on a Spiritual Level. My pain and sadness has been released from my body and soul . The best proof of my transformation is the fact that my osteoporosis has stopped evolving. My doctors are truly impressed.
- Mette Yde, Director at MindAction Copenhagen, DK

Mona Therese is a beautiful role model for women worldwide.
She inspires me with her grace and love. Mona Therese is natural and in touch with the earth and her consciousness shines through with her brilliant gift of teaching. She has taught me to honor my self and my intuition. LOVE & GRATITUDE!
- Lynn Rose Wade, MO

"Mona Therese Winston is a world class instructor....her classes have enabled me to breathe better, meditate deeper, be more flexible, and increase my strength."
- Eugene Woody, CA