The first time I came into contact with the power of affirmation was at a hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark. I had just been told I had stage 4 cancer. A friend of mine told me about the power of intentions and affirmations and gave me a couple of books on the topic. The value of this gift has been with me ever since.

At that time affirmations were new to many including myself. Today with hundreds of books on the market place about the effect of positive affirmations, it can still be a challenge to maintain the positive attitude towards life, as it takes a lot of will power and a committed practice to change.

"There is nothing either good or bad,
but thinking makes it so"
~William Shakespeare

An affirmation is a positive sentence that states something or a situation you desire to attract into your life, and once you repeat the affirmation over and over again it will plant a seed and become a part of your consciousness.

For many years I worked with my affirmations by writing notes and posting them all over the house. One day I thought to myself, "What if someone could just send me a message a couple of times a day to remind me when I got into a negative frame of mind?" This would be of great assistance to stay more positive!

Affirmations have been one of the most transformational practices I have experienced in my life, along with meditation which helped me to accept myself as I am.

Connecting with nature has always had a healing effect on me, and one of my hobbies is photography. As I was taking a photography of a rose in the garden, I said to my friend "I think I will bring my photos and affirmations together and make cards of them."

The creation of "AFFIRMATION TRANSFORMATION" suddenly took form and it is now ready to support you in your daily practice.

You can download the app version from iTunes and get your daily reminders everyday as notifications, and pick a "Destiny Card" to work with in your meditations or set it to your lock screen, for a long term reminder!